About me and disclosure

Heloo all food lovers and those who have a big passion for cooking, preparing and eating food! 😀 This blog will be all about my passion for food, food recipes, food recipes from my family and me, the best and the most beautiful kitchen utensils and kitchen decor. I will try to pick the best products which I like, to help you choose some which you like and want to have.

Food was always my passion. Cooking, preparing, picking up the groceries is something what makes me happy and excited every time! Just planning what to cook and what to eat in the future brings my hormons of happiness to the top levels. Taking pictures of food is always plan A, before I start to eat.


This blog will be one sweet, salty, healthy and unhealthy recipe blog for all you who love to prepare, cook and eat a lot of tasty food! I hope that you will find this recipes interesting and find some of the beautiful products for your kitchen to make your tasty kitchen more tasty and beautiful 🙂

You will find mostly healthy food recipes on my blog but you will find my creative delicious tempting cheat meals! LOVE cheat meals! <3

The products in shop are handpicked from me, because I consider them beautiful, interesting and trying to give you some ideas for your tasty kitchen 🙂 I do not sell the products directly and I do not ship the products. If you are interested in product, just click the button “See more” and maybe purchase it. If you like it, get it! 🙂

The links can be affiliates. That means that if you buy some product through that link, I get a small commision. But that does not affect your price for that product at all. That helps me to build the blog so that I can give you more interesting content and bring more value for you. So, Thank You! 🙂 Amazon banners are here also, with which I can earn something if you click on it and if you buy something. Again, that does not affect you in any way.


If you want to promote my recipes, you can take only one photo and include my name and link back to my original post on my website. No photo editing! Before you promote any of my recipes, please CONTACT ME before you do anything.

Taking any photos or text recipes without the credit and without my permission is FORBIDDEN.


If you have some questions, just contact me on eatingcheating@gmail.com or use the contact form!

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