Simple Raspberry Chocolate Cake Tart

Simple Raspberry Chocolate Cake Tart

It is Christmas time. Some great and delicious desserts must be made for this Christmas days! So, I finally prepared my best and simple Creamy Raspberry Chocolate Cake Tart. This recipe for Raspberry Chocolate Cake Tart is perfect for the holidays! It can be served for Christmas lunch, dinner or to eat through the day 😉

I didn’t want to make some heavy cake full of chocolate and cream, so I thought that combination of Swiss Milk Chocolate and beautiful tasty raspberries could be a great idea. And adding the chocolate chip cookies can be a great idea for some fun crunchiness. And that idea was amazing!

For this Raspberry Chocolate Cake you need to make 3 simple layers. One layer of crunchy chocolate chip cookies (or whatever cookies you like), second layer of raspberries and third and the best layer of delicious chocolate and heavy cream.

The cake went just how I wanted. Creamy, fresh and crunchy!

All the ingredients just like step-by-step instructions how to make Raspberry Chocolate Cake Tart are listed below!

If you like this recipe and want to share your combination of ingredients and how you make this cake, feel free to comment below and SHARE SHARE SHARE! 🙂


  • Chocolate Chip Cookies (or any cookies which you like)
  • One small cup of butter
  • 500g of raspberries
  • 15g of gelatine
  • 400g milk chocolate
  • 250ml heavy cream
  • Decoration


First layer: Cookie bottom

  • Put the cookies in some small bag and crumble the cookies with something heavy, for example with a rolling pin.
  • Place the crumbled cookies in a bowl.
  • Melt the butter and mix the butter with the crumbled cookies.
  • Place the crumbled cookies in a baking cake pan and push the cookies a little bit to the bottom.
  • Place the baking bowl with the cookies in a refrigerator.

Second layer: Raspberry layer

  • Blend the raspberries.
  • Remove the seeds from the mixture with the strainer.
  • Cook the raspberry mixture in a pan and add the gelatine. I used pouder gelatine which goes directly in a liquid and it needs to boil with it until everything is melted.
  • Set the raspberry mixture by side and cool it down a little bit before you add the mixture in a baking bowl.
  • Slowly add the raspberry mixture on the cookie layer. Let is cool down and then refrigerate until is totally cold and when you see that your raspberry mixture is little bit more like a gelatine.

Third layer: Chocolate layer

  • Chop the chocolate in a small pieces. Put them in a small bowl.
  • Heat up the heavy cream.
  • Add the heavy cream on the chocolate and let it stay that way 2-3 minutes.
  • Slowly stir the chocolate and heavy cream until the chocolate if fully melted.
  • Add the chocolate cream on the top of the raspberry layer.

Cool everything down.
And decorate! 🙂

Here you can see the video how I made this Raspberry Chocolate Cake Tart:

That’s it! Enjoy your dessert! 🙂

If you like this recipe and want to share your combination of ingredients and how you make this cake, feel free to comment below and SHARE SHARE SHARE! 🙂

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