Rigatoni bolognese pie

Rigatoni bolognese pie

For the next cheat meal day I decided to do tasty rigatoni bolognese pie which I saw on the internet and that was “MUST” to do. It seemed easy to build, but in my case I had a hard time haha until my husband came and helped me out 😀 In the store, I couldn’t find one pack of big rigatoni pasta, just normal ones. I tought they are too small, but at the end they were perfect.

Honestly, at the beginning I thought that this rigatoni pie wouldn’t look good and that it wouldn’t stay like a cake so long. The cheese really helped to stick the rigatoni together. Put really lots of cheese if you want for your pie to stay like a real cake 😀

This rigatoni bolognese pie was really fun to do. Especially when the help came 🙂 It was like building the rigatoni pie house. Little bit of mess, but it was worth it 😉
For this recipe, you just need 5 ingredients which I will write below, and the whole recipe too. Again, my husband and I ate the whole thing in just 1 hour 😀


  • 500g rigatoni pasta
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 500g ground beef
  • 700g tomato sauce
  • Melting cheese (whichever you like)
  • I added salt, pepper and red paprika


  • Cook the rigatoni pasta
  • Mix the cooked pasta with little bit of cheese
  • Cook the ground beef on garlic and add the tomato sauce
  • Build the rigatoni pie hause (ask for help if needed :D)
  • Put the bolognese sauce which you made on the rigatoni pie house which you builded
  • Bake the rigatoni pie in oven for 20 min on 180 degrees
  • Put the cheese on it (a LOT od cheese)
  • Bake another 15-20 minutes on 180-200 degrees for cheese to become light brown color or light gold color

And eat it! 😀

Here you can find couple of GOOD BAKE FORMS:

  1. Nordic Ware Bundt Fancy Springform Pan with 2 Bottoms, 9 Inch
  2. Gabkey 4.5 inch,7 inch,8 inch, circular Springform interlocking and leak-proof seal carbon Cake Pan
  3. Bakers Guild Tools – Cake Molds – Springforms

Video recipe for a better visualization and how we built this rigationi pie 😀

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