Puff pastry stuffed with chocolate recipe

Puff pastry stuffed with chocolate recipe

Puff pastry in combination with anything is amazingly yummy. Especially puff pastry stuffed with chocolate! And when the chocolate is melted inside. But also, the cold leftovers are incredible. Here you will see how easy and fun is to make puff pastry stuffed with chocolate. You don’t even have to be “pro” in the kitchen. That can be your first time baking! 🙂

I made puff pastry with chocolate when my husband’s mom and sister were here. That is something what is really easy to make and you just need 3 things to make it. My husband’s sister Natalija, was helping me to wrap the chocolate with the puff pastry.

First, we went hiking to the top of the hill which is behind our flat, to lose some weight before we throw ourself on the puff pastry with chocolate 😀 It didn’t last long, so we went back and started preparing the ingredients.


1. 2x320g of puff pastry
2. 2x400g of swiss milk chocolate
3. 1 egg


1. Wrap the chocolate with puff pastry
2. Brush the puff pastry with an egg
3. Set the oven to 180 degrees
4. Bake 15 min or until you see gold brown color (try to look every 3 min)

After it is done baking, leave it to cool down a little bit. Because it will be really hot and you will get burn. You can use icecream with it, or whipping cream, fruits or whatever you want. This time, I didn’t use anything, because it was already too much chocolate( 800g for 4 people xd).

If you have leftovers, put them in the fridge until cold. Eating puff pastry with chocolate cold, is something really amazing too!

I found one good cookbook with 50 recipes for baking with puff pastry. If you want to try it, you can find it here “Top 50 Most Delicious Puff Pastry Recipes“, or you can find something else if you like.


Here you can see how easy and fun it is to make this puff pastry with chocolate!

I hope you will try this recipe, and put in the comment below, how was it! I want to hear that from you! 🙂

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