Oven roasted fennel

Oven roasted fennel

Here is one more healthy food recipe for the side dish. I am preparing oven roasted fennel. For those who don’t know, fennel is a flowering plant which belongs to the carrots. I can’t remember when I had this last time before, so I was thinking to bring back this interesting sweet flavor. So, for this post I prepared oven roasted fennel. So let’s start!

The fennel can be prepared in a different ways. This time I prepared it in the oven. I roasted the fennel and served it like a side dish.

The preparing was very simple. Just olive oil and some main spices. Roasting about 40 minutes so that the fennel get softer.

This roasted fennel can be prepared for the Christmast lunch or dinner like a side dish. It has a beautiful sweet flavor and it is very very creamy if you roast it a little bit longer. The feathers can be used for the decoration.

Here are the ingredients which I used for this recipe just like the step-by-step instructions how I prepared it!

If you like this recipe, comment below and share your way of preparing the fennel!


  • 3 fennel bulbs
  • Olive oil
  • Salt, pepper and garlic
  • Parsley


  • Wash the fennel with a cold water-
  • Remove stalks with a knife and set by side for the decoration.
  • Take a sharp knife and cut the fennel bulb to make fennel slices.
  • Bring the glass baking bowl.
  • Grease the bottom of a baking bowl with the olive oil.
  • Spread the fennel slices on the bottom of a bowl.
  • Add salt, pepper and garlic.
  • Put more olive oil on each fennel slice.
  • Roast the fennel about 40 minutes on 200 degrees.


Here you can see the video how I made this oven roasted fennel:

And that’s it! Enjoy your meal!

If you like this recipe, comment below and share your way of preparing the fennel!

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