Homemade sushi with salmon and salty anchovies

Homemade sushi with salmon and salty anchovies


Sushi is the best food which is ever made. A lot of people would agree with me. That is for sure! Sushi is so simple but amazing and interesting food art. Homemade sushi is even better thing. Not just because of eating something what you made, but because myriad of fascinating sushi combinations can be made. Not sure for you, but I could eat sushi every day and the whole day. It is so yummy and every bite is amazing! Making homemade sushi is really fun. I started doing sushi with my grandma who learned to make sushi as she went to Amerika to visit my uncle. She puts so much things inside because she knows that sushi is my favorite. Since then, we make sushi every time together and then we invite my friend who is crazy about sushi like I am, to eat with us. Then, the whole day is sushi day 😀


This sushi was prepared for 4 people who can eat a lot! Especially my husband and I 😀
1. 10 Nori seeweeds
2. Little bit of Wasabi paste(it is up to you)
3. 500g of sushi rice
4. 330g of smoked salmon
5. 2 carrots
6. 1 cucumber
7. 55g of salty anchovies
8. Half od lemon juice

As a dip:

1. Mayo
2. Soya sauce


Here you will find how to make sushi with salmon and salty anchovies as main ingredients. Also, I put vegetables like carrots and cucumbers inside. As a dip, I used mayo and soya sauce. You can take whatever you like. The number of ingredient combinations are limitless. Go with the flow!

1. Rice needs to be cooked like in the instructions. Only then you can get correctly cooked sushi rice
2. Rice needs to be cooled down. In the meantime, I put real lemon juice (half of a lemon) in the rice. Didn’t use rice vinegar
3. Put the rice until half of Nori seeweed
4. Put little wasabi on the rice. Only one line
5. The order of putting ingredients on the rice is up to you. My order was: rice, wasabi, cucumber, carrot, salty anchovies, salmon
7. Make a roll
8. Cut the sushi rolls as big as you want to and serve on the plate!

Here you can see the video “How to make sushi rolls with salmon and salty anchovies” with little bit of enjoyment while eating it 🙂

For all those who are interesting in Sushi making or if you want to learn, here you can find couple of handpicked sushi makers which can help you to make better sushis!


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After making this sushis, all 10 sushi rolls were done in 20 minutes! They were in our bellies very quickly.
I am always sad, when no more sushis are left haha

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Please, share your own sushi recipe on the comments bellow, so that we can exchange ideas and support each other! I would really like to see your recipe! 🙂

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