Egg omelette easy recipe

Egg omelette easy recipe

Today, I am sharing with you my healthy almost everyday breakfast! This healthy breakfast is egg omelette. Egg omelette is easy to make recipe, and perfect to begin the day. Everybody say that the breakfast is the most important part of the day, so I think that this recipe for the healthy breakfast is tip top!

For this egg omelette you will need only couple of ingredients. I used eggs, oats, onion, salt and pepper. If you don’t like to eat onions for breakfast like the most people haha then, you don’t need to add it. You could add some vegetables in it. But, if you do, just follow this recipe.

This time, I made egg omelette like one big pancake and then I cut it in a pieces. It is also cool to make small egg omelette pancakes. That would be cute. Very nice for taking food pictures.

Using oats like a flour is just amazing. It is not important if the oats are big or small, they need to be ground. Oats are so yummy and healthy. They can be used any time instead of the wheat flour. They just taste better then the wheat flower. And it’s healthy!

The full recipe and all the ingredients are listed below! Write in the comments, what do you think about this egg omelette recipe 🙂


  • 1 cup of ground oats
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 small onion
  • Salt, pepper
  • Half of a cup cold water
  • Coconut oil


  • Take the mixing bowl and beat the eggs.
  • Put the ground oats in a bowl where the eggs are.
  • Stir the eggs and the oats together.
  • Put a half of a cup of water so that the mixture is not so sticky and thick. You can add just more eggs if you don’t want to use the water. The water makes the egg omelette little bit more fluffy.
  • Put the onions into the mixture and add salt and pepper.
  • Mix it all together one more time.
  • Put one teaspoon of coconut oil in a pan and wait until the pan is hot.
  • Spread the mixture into the pan.
  • Wait until you see that the eggs are cooked and then turn the egg omelette pancake on the other side. Turn off the heat.
  • The egg omelette is done! Now, you can eat it like a pancake or you can cut it how you want, like I did, and spread some greens on the top 🙂
  • Add some vegetables by side if you want and enjoy your meal!

Here you can see how I made this egg omelette! 

That’s it! Comment below what do you think! 🙂


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