Easy egg rolls recipe

Easy egg rolls recipe

For this recipe I prepared easy and healthy egg rolls! This egg rolls are very popular and you can make them with lots of different ingredients. They are really easy to make and they can be prepared for breakfast, but for lunch or dinner too. Why not! If you use different colorful vegetables for this egg rolls, they can be very colorful and beautiful for taking great photos.

It is very important for breakfast to have something healthy, and this is the perfect healthy food recipe for the healthy lifestyle. You don’t need long time to make them. Just cut some of the vegetables, mix all together and cook very very slow on low heat. I added some water for the egg rolls to be more fluffy, and I added little bit of curcuma for a better taste (it depends if you like it or not), and so that eggs get beautiful yellow color.

Recipe for this easy egg rolls is below!

INGREDIENTS for the egg rolls:

  • 1/2 small onion
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 spoons of leek
  • 2 spoons of carrot
  • 1-2 spoons of cold water
  • Salt and curcuma
  • Kokos oil

PREPARING the egg rolls:

  • Rub the carrot
  • Cut the onion
  • Cut the leek
  • Break the eggs and beat them
  • Sift the eggs in another plate
  • Add some salt and curcuma
  • Add onion, leek and carrot in the eggs
  • Stir all the ingredients
  • Put the egg mixture in the pan on a very low heat (you need to be patient for eggs to cook)
  • Roll the eggs

That’s it! Cut the egg roll, take picture of it ( I use Samsung Galaxy A3(2016) and I cannot complain!) and eat it ! ūüôā

Here is the video how I make this easy egg rolls:

Tell me in the comments what do you think about this recipe and how do you make your egg rolls! ūüôā


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