Beef burgers with white rice and lamb’s lettuce

Beef burgers with white rice and lamb’s lettuce

For this post I prepared one full main dish which can be prepared for lunch or for dinner. This recipe is simple combination with meat, carbohydrates and the salad. I served beef burgers with normal white rice and beautiful fresh lamb’s lettuce. The lamb’s lettuce is also called corn salad or nut salad. This lamb’s lettuce tastes amazing when you put olive oil on it.

Sometimes, we all want to cook something simple and quick, and on the other hand something which is healthy and does not ask for much preparing. This already done beef burgers, simple cooked white rice and the fresh lamb’s lettuce is a perfect idea!

Making this kind of simple meals, can look also very creative and very nice on the plate. Many times, the simplicity of the food and the presentation can be really interesting even it is a basic combination of ingredients. The colors of each ingredient give one additional note of flavors. Green color of lamb’s lettuce brings the whole plate up!

Just one plain meal which doesn’t need much of preparation can be delicious and can be served in any kind of event even if is that family dinner, lunch with friends or even a business meeting! Simple and tasty!

For everybody who needs simple and delicious meal, here is the recipe! Let’s started!


  • Lamb’s lettuce
  • Made beef burgers
  • White rice
  • Melting cheese
  • Olive oil
  • Sesame seeds
  • Salt
  • Butter


  • Take the beef burgers and put them aside if they are frozen to melt, if not, cook them at middle heat on little bit of butter.
  • Wash the white rice with the cold water.
  • Cook the white rice until is fully cooked or the way you like the rice to be cooked.
  • Take the lamb’s lettuce from the fridge, wash it if it has some dirt.
  • Put the lamb’s lettuce on the plate and put a little bit of salt and olive oil on it.
  • Take the cooked rice and put it close to the lettuce.
  • When the beef burgers are done, cut them into half and put them on the plate where are lettuce and the white rice.
  • If you have some butter left from cooking the burgers, put the butter on the rice to give the rice a delicious taste!
  • Cut little bit of melting cheese and spread the cheese on the top off all the ingredients.
  • In a case you have some seeds like sesame seeds, spread them on the top of the lamb’s lettuce.
  • Add some additional olive oil if you want and put on the top of everything.

That’s it! Simple and delicious!
Put in the comments what do you think about this recipe! ūüôā

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