2 ingredient pancakes

2 ingredient pancakes

For this post, I wanted to share with you 2 ingredient pancakes for those who get cravings for eating the pancakes but they don’t have all the ingredients. 2 ingredient pancakes are real, and you really don’t need to have all the ingredients which you find on internet.

There are lots of combinations of making pancakes, and if you are creative, you can make it too. This 2 ingredient pancakes can also be tasty like the other with much more ingredients! And, of course, adding different kinds of spread makes it more delicious.

This time, I didn’t have milk, or mineral water, and my husband and I were craving for pancakes. We had Nutella leftovers from last week, so I decided to make the pancakes from the ingredients which I already have. In my kitchen, there were eggs, wheat flour and water. But, water we will not count as an ingredient. So, just eggs and wheat flour. Those 2 ingredients ( and the water) were perfect and enought to make this 2 ingredient pancakes just like the real ones 😉 The spread with Nutella was amazing, of course 🙂

INGREDIENTS for 2 ingredient pancakes:

  • Wheat flour
  • Eggs
  • Water

PREPARING 2 ingredient pancakes:

  • Put the eggs in a bowl
  • Put the flour in a bowl
  • Put a little bit of water
  • Mix all together
  • Add water as needed
  • Bake the pancakes
  • Spread the Nutella and EAT 🙂

This recipe is simple and quick for unpredictable cravings 😀 You have those 2 ingredients in your kitchen most of the time, so it shouldn’t be a problem to make them any time!

Thank you for reading the 2 ingredient pancake recipe and I am waiting for your comments below 🙂

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